Are you losing money on auction purchase units, rising costs of vehicles, auction fees, inspection, transportation, or holding costs? As a dealer, connect with private sellers with the fastest moving vehicles, through an automated texting campaign.
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Increase vehicle profitability
With the streamlined auto buying process from private sellers, your holding costs and costs associated with auction are reduced because you are the only bidder. In addition, you acquired the vehicle at the agreed upon price, you have the ability to resell it at your desired price point.
Buy cars for the right money
We bring the auction to you. And, you are the only one bidding on the vehicle, so you're able to make an acquisition at the right price. Our automated texting platform contacts you with private sellers when they are selling a vehicle at the perfect time.
Improve customer experience
Interact with private sellers who have the fastest moving vehicles. We whittle down our pool of private sellers to the ones who are specifically in market to sell their vehicle to you, at your number. They are filtered through your CRM, and we send an automated messages to them at the right time, to safely and easily streamline the buying process. Hassles with the DMV and paperwork are removed from the equation!